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City of Houston Strategic Procurement

The complete online resource dedicated to doing business with the City of Houston.

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WARNING 9/8: The Strategic Procurement Division (SPD) at the City of Houston has received reports that some vendors have received fraudulent emails requesting tax and other confidential information. We would like to raise your awareness that this is a fraudulent email and it was not sent by or on behalf of SPD. Please consider this as an ALERT and DO NOT respond or provide information to the sender. Please see this document for tips to recognize suspicious email.

WARNING: It was recently reported that a fraudulent purchase order (PO) representing City of Houston was sent to some of our vendors. We would like to raise your awareness on this issue and ask you to please be alerted if you receive a PO from City of Houston which seems abnormal. Read here for more information.

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Our online bids and RFPs require all Suppliers to be registered online and provide a signed IRS W9-/W-8 to become a supplier with the City of Houston. Additionally, the City of Houston requires all Suppliers to have a current Web Account which must be linked to the existing Supplier number in order to place bids or down load bids.

If you company is not registered with the City of Houston, Click Here to create a web account and access the supplier registration form. This requires an Email / password to log in and the use of a physical address. The system allows only one unique email per account.

Please see the following instruction and become a supplier with the City of Houston.

For assistance by phone, please contact the Supplier Registration Office at (832) 393-8800 M-F, 7:00 am- 4:00 pm.

Benefits of registration include:

  • Email alerts regarding bids and open bid updates
  • Online bid submission
  • Immediate access to bid results

* Note: We do not share your information with any third party entities.