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City of Houston Strategic Purchasing

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Bid/RFP Statistics
Current Bids/RFPs Available Online
Closed Bids/RFPs (Month to date)
Bids/RFPs Posted (Month to Date)
Bids/RFPs Posted (Fiscal Year to Date)
Bids/RFPs Posted Since FY 06
Bids/RFPs Viewed (Month to Date) 2310
Bids/RFPs Viewed (Fiscal Year to Date) 0
Bids/RFPs Viewed Since FY 06 341387
Supplier Statistics
New Supplier Registrations (Month to Date) 173
New Supplier Registrations (Fiscal Year to Date) 0
Total Suppliers Registered Online 45084
Supplier Bids Submitted (Month to Date) 85
Supplier Bids Submitted (Fiscal Year to Date) 0
Supplier Bids Submitted Since FY 06 8449