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City of Houston Strategic Purchasing

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Bid/RFP Statistics
Current Bids/RFPs Available Online
Closed Bids/RFPs (Month to date)
Bids/RFPs Posted (Month to Date)
Bids/RFPs Posted (Fiscal Year to Date)
Bids/RFPs Posted Since FY 06
Bids/RFPs Viewed (Month to Date) 3744
Bids/RFPs Viewed (Fiscal Year to Date) 7055
Bids/RFPs Viewed Since FY 06 348918
Supplier Statistics
New Supplier Registrations (Month to Date) 106
New Supplier Registrations (Fiscal Year to Date) 249
Total Suppliers Registered Online 45349
Supplier Bids Submitted (Month to Date) 162
Supplier Bids Submitted (Fiscal Year to Date) 341
Supplier Bids Submitted Since FY 06 8829