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City of Houston Strategic Purchasing

The complete online resource dedicated to doing business with the City of Houston.

Online Bids

The City of Houston's Strategic Purchasing Division can only accept bids from registered Suppliers who have:

      1. Completed the online Supplier Registration Form,

      2. Submitted a signed IRS W-9, and

      3. Received a valid Supplier Number from our system.

To get started, you must create an account with username and password of your choosing. You may then complete the steps required to receive your valid City of Houston Supplier Number. Click here to begin.

We value your business and we are looking forward to receiving your online bid.

Please remember that it is still a City policy that a sealed, signed bid be submitted to the City Secretary by the due date. After you submit your bid online, please PRINT and SIGN and SUBMIT to the City Secretary. Click here for more details on signed bid information.

Note: You do not have to manually construct your formal bid to submit. We now offer a one-click option to create and print your Bid Form directly from the web site.

Online Bidding is Easy!

1. Create an online account.

Register with us once, and then log in using a convenient username (your email address) and password of your choice. If you already have a City of Houston issued Supplier Number continue to the steps below. If you do not have an official Supplier Number, you must create your online account and then proceed with the Supplier Registration process. Find out more in our Guide to Doing Business with the City. We do not share any information collected on this site with third parties.

2. Search for a bid.

You can search by keyword or Bid Number. When your search results are displayed, hover your mouse pointer over the bid description to view bid abstract.

3. Login (if you haven't already)

Clicking on the Bid from the search page will cause the vendor login page to be displayed (if you haven't logged in already). Enter your username (email address) and password. You will be taken to the Bid Documents page for the bid you selected.

4. Place online bid.

If online bidding is available for the bid you've selected, a link will be displayed below the bid documents called "Place Online Bid".

Why aren't all bids online?

We expect all bids to have the online bidding option soon. Bids that are currently in progress will only be available for online bidding if approved and set up by the City Buyer for that bid. This is done on a per bid basis and is determined by the requesting department, not the Strategic Purchasing Division.

Additional Benefits

The online bidding page allows you to not only fill out the Bid Form online; it also provides you with one convenient place to:

  • View and download required forms and documents
  • Upload electronic copies of required forms and documents
  • Enter different but equivalent items on the Bid Form
  • Submit multiple bids
  • Withdraw your bid