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Signed Bid Information

For FORMAL bids only (any bid having a value of over $50,000 and requiring City Council approval), it is still required that a signed and sealed copy of your bid be submitted to the Office of the City Secretary before the close business day or otherwise specified time in the posted bid details.

Why is this requirement is still in place?

The City's procurement process is governed by ordinances passed by City Council. Until the law is changed, both Suppliers and City Buyers must follow this process.

Informal bids do not have this requirement. Informal bids have a value of less than $50,000 and can be awarded directly by the departments. An informal bid's identification number begins with an "I".

In keeping with our goal of making the bidding process as simple and easy to follow as possible, we have provided a one-click option to save and print your final Bid Form once you have submitted your bid online.

This means you don't have to create the Bid Form yourself. The system will do it for you, saving you valuable time. All you have to do is sign the sheet and return it to the City Secretary.

The Strategic Purchasing Division is working with the City Council and the City Legal Department to approve the fully electronic acceptance of bids online. We look forward to evolving and enhancing the site by introducing new features such as digital signature technology to make the bid experience as streamlined as possible. We encourage you to check back often for announcements of new features.