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Solicitation Number: L31176
Project Name: Front and Rear End Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Repair Services
Department(s): Fleet
Date/Time: 1/26/2022 1:30:00 PM
Location: Microsoft Teams
Buyer Email:

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Company Name: @.C.T.S @dvanced Computer TechniciaServices LLC
MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 141593
Last Name: Ouedraogo First Name: Wendkuuni Gilles Patrick
Address: 7115 Siena Vista Drive City: Houston
State: TX Zip: 77083
Phone: (713) 714-6673 Fax:

Company Name: Extreme Offroad and PerformanceAdrian
MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 159825
Last Name: Broadway First Name: Adrian
Address: 20235 Katy Freeway City: Katy
State: TX Zip: 77450
Phone: 2813984385 Fax: 281-398-9027

Company Name: Gregory Rako
MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 149703
Last Name: Rako First Name: Gregory
Address: 8468 Winningham Lane City: Houston
State: TX Zip: 77055
Phone: 832-309-8360 Fax: 713-827-0775

Company Name: Heavy Starr Roofing, LLC
MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 165330
Last Name: Hernandez First Name: Jorge
Address: 12163 hodges st City: houston
State: TX Zip: 77085
Phone: 281-222-7748 Fax: 000-000-0000

Company Name: Helfman Ford
MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 149462
Last Name: Ussery First Name: Wade
Address: 12220 Southwest Freeway City: Stafford
State: Tx Zip: 77477
Phone: 281-274-7335 Fax: 281-240-0642

Company Name: Jersons Concrete LLC
MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 156361
Last Name: Hernandez First Name: Crystal
Address: 11200 Fuqua Suite 100 City: Houston
State: TX Zip: 77089
Phone: 8328739997 Fax:

MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 165291
Last Name: GuilloryJr First Name: Steven
Address: 2405 TAYLOR LN City: PEARLAND
State: TX Zip: 77581
Phone: 713-791-4592 Fax: 281-996-7743

Company Name: MarQuise KayCITY OF HOUSTON SPD
MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 163323
Last Name: kay First Name: Marquise
Address: 9901 Richmond Avenue, Apt 603 City: Houston
State: TX Zip: 77042
Phone: 4048584890 Fax: 4049138961

Company Name: Rush Truck Centers
MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 112208
Last Name: gates First Name: Gary
Address: 10200 N. Loop East City: Houston
State: TX Zip: 77029
Phone: 713-495-6300 Fax: 713-675-8435

Company Name: Sapphire Hydraulics Inc
MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 159452
Last Name: Sapir First Name: Sarah
Address: 7830 Bankside Dr City: Houston
State: TX Zip: 77071
Phone: 713-501-1191 Fax:

Company Name: SPD11
MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 131190
Last Name: SPDTest First Name: SPDTest
Address: 901 Bagby City: Houston
State: TX Zip: 77002
Phone: 713-247-1234 Fax: 713-247-3039

Company Name: Truck Fabricators
MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 158171
Last Name: Armora First Name: Edit
Address: 7600 S. Santa Fe Dr. City: Houston
State: TX Zip: 77061
Phone: 832-799-9467 Fax:

Company Name: U Do It Auto Repair LLC
MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 165336
Last Name: Griffin First Name: marcus
Address: 9239 n houston rosslyn rd City: houston
State: Texas Zip: 77088
Phone: 713-701-7035 Fax: