Strategic Purchasing Division



Organized in 1944, the National Institute of Government Purchasing, Inc. (NIGP) is a national, membership-based non-profit organization providing support to professionals in the public sector purchasing profession. The NIGP Commodity Codes were developed to bring efficiency to automated purchasing.


Since 1983 the NIGP Code has been adopted by more than 1,400 government users and continues to grow. Click here to login to the NIGP Living Code. This requires a Username and Password.


The Material Master Records contain all the basic information required to manage and maintain a material record. These Master Data elements contain descriptions of the material that the City procures. This Material Master is the central source of information on a specific material (such as size, dimension and weight) and control function (such as material type and industry sector).


  • Provide a single and accurate source of material master record and supplier master record for all City of Houston departments to access and use, reducing duplications and increase uniformity across the City.

  • Provide users with tools to make informed decisions when processing purchases for the City.


  • City of Houston benefits by having a nationally accepted and standardized commodity coding system (NIGP) associated with their materials and suppliers.

  • Improve supplier management and reporting capabilities.

  • Track supplier information including MWDBE status.

  • Increasing contract buys utilizing existing city contracts.

  • Identifying potential contract opportunities by utilizing a citywide material and supplier listing.

Contact SPD Supplier Assistance Desk 832.393.8800 for inquiries about the NIGP Codes.