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Solicitation Number: T29500
Project Name: Market Value Analysis and Economic Developmemt Investment Study
Department(s): Housing
Date/Time: 5/12/2021 10:00:00 AM
Location: Microsoft Teams Meeting
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Company Name: Allicore LLC
MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 159868
Last Name: Goldsby First Name: Stephanie
Address: 1415 North Loop West, Suite 1250 City: Houston
State: TX Zip: 77008
Phone: 832-566-2200 Fax: 713-369-0990

Company Name: Alpha Co Marketing and Media
MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 163854
Last Name: Osorio First Name: Juan
Address: 2523 HADLEY CIR City: SUGAR LAND
State: Texas Zip: 77478
Phone: 832-341-6338 Fax: 832-341-6338

Company Name: BitCare TechnologyRic
MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 162547
Last Name: Kolluri First Name: Ric S
Address: 5700 Tennyson Pkway, 300 City: Plano
State: Texas Zip: 75024
Phone: 800-551-3248 Fax: 316-888-8881

Company Name: Blissful Voyager
MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 163890
Last Name: Becker First Name: Isys Rebeca
Address: 10017 Preserve Way City: conroe
State: texas Zip: 77385
Phone: 713-397-3956 Fax: 713-397-3956

Company Name: CredPhilosophy LLC
MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 163135
Last Name: Ward First Name: Kentesha
Address: 2702 Mcgowen St #3 City: Houston
State: TX Zip: 77004
Phone: 855-420-7795 Fax: 855-420-7795

Company Name: Elevate Strategies LLC
MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 158374
Last Name: Pereyra First Name: Felicity
Address: 125 Amundsen St City: Houston
State: TX Zip: 77009
Phone: 281-317-0079 Fax:

Company Name: Heavy Hitters
MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 163802
Last Name: Hicks First Name: Jovaun
Address: 2727 Synott Road, 110 City: Houston
State: Tx Zip: 77082
Phone: 713-213-8001 Fax: 000-000-0000

Company Name: Journeys Managing Group LLC
MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 161464
Last Name: Smith First Name: Sarah
Address: 16231 Charterstone Drive City: Houston
State: TX Zip: 77070
Phone: 832-560-7063 Fax:

Company Name: Legacy Marketing Services
MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 162846
Last Name: Alvarez First Name: Carla
Address: 4025 Feather Lakes Way #5985 City: Kingwood
State: TX Zip: 77339
Phone: 281-305-9157 Fax: 281-305-9157

Company Name: Moody Nolan, Inc
MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 151954
Last Name: Ross First Name: Wardell
Address: 5718 Westheimer Rd, STE 970 City: Houston
State: TX Zip: 77057
Phone: 832.530.4570 Fax:

Company Name: Next Wave Strategies, LLC.Next Wave Strategies, LLC.
MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 159861
Last Name: Johnson First Name: Erika
Address: 2368A Rice Blvd. #197 City: Houston
State: Texas Zip: 77005
Phone: 281-900-0429 Fax:

Company Name: People UP
MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 161043
Last Name: Gibbs First Name: Josilyn
Address: 11601 Shadow Creek Ste. 111 #271 City: Pearland
State: TX Zip: 77584
Phone: 7132088636 Fax:

Company Name: Reinvestment Fund
MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 140489
Last Name: Dowdall First Name: Emily
Address: 1700 Market Street, 19th Floor City: Philadelphia
State: PA Zip: 19104
Phone: 215-574-5831 Fax: 215-574-5831

Company Name: Sabari Tech Solutions LLC
MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 163487
Last Name: Arun First Name: Ramya
Address: 16914 Clola CT. City: Richmond
State: Tx Zip: 77407
Phone: 281-207-6775 Fax:

Company Name: Sustainable Custom Solutions
MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 163865
Last Name: Young First Name: Robert
Address: 2323 Eldridge Parkway apt 511 City: Houston
State: Texas Zip: 77077
Phone: 816-806-5051 Fax: 832-456-7234

Company Name: Taylor Collective Solutions
MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 163008
Last Name: Taylor First Name: Kimberly
Address: 3736 Bee Cave Road City: Westlake Hills
State: Texas Zip: 78746
Phone: 202-253-5663 Fax: 202-253-5663

Company Name: TIP Strategies Inc
MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 156375
Last Name: White First Name: Anita
Address: 2905 San Gabriel Street, #205 City: Austin
State: TX Zip: 78705
Phone: 512-343-9113 Fax: 512-343-9190

Company Name: V-TIC Services Inc.V-TIC
MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 159603
Last Name: Natarajan First Name: Ganesh
Address: 12140 Almeda City: Houston
State: TX Zip: 77045
Phone: 8063939301 Fax:

MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 113713
Last Name: BUKS First Name: DEBORAH
Address: 616 W 19th Street City: Houston
State: TX Zip: 77008
Phone: 713-869-0707 Fax:

Company Name: WESTPAQ, LLC
MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 149162
Last Name: DIMINAS First Name: NGOWARI
Address: 700 LOUISIANA ST, SUITE 3950 City: HOUSTON
State: TX Zip: 77002
Phone: 832 390 2575 Fax: 832 201 7971

Company Name: Wilson Property & Project Management ComWilson Property & Project Management Com
MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 164444
Last Name: Giles First Name: Michelle
Address: 6200 West Tidwell City: Houston
State: Texas Zip: 77092
Phone: 8329600093 Fax:

MWDBE Vendor: Vendor Number: 162957
Last Name: Peter First Name: Jeff
Address: 4500 Forbes Blvd #200-W14 City: Lanham
State: MD Zip: 20706
Phone: 240-244-0488 Fax: 888-340-4487